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Lattice Degeneration

Lattice Degeneration

About Lattice Degeneration

What is Lattice Degeneration?

Lattice degeneration is a condition where “lattice-like” lesions occur in the periphery (outer edges) of the retina. Typically these lesions are found in both eyes and are progressive.

Lattice degeneration usually occurs in people aged 25 years old and over and in those who are myopic (nearsighted). Lattice degeneration is a fairly common condition with some estimates that up to 11 percent of the population has some degree of the condition. However, it may not cause symptoms, at least not initially. When the disease is advanced, flashing lights in the patient’s side (peripheral) vision is the most common reported symptom.

In some cases preventive laser treatments can be done to reduce the risk of a retinal tear or detachment.