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Our Eye Specialists

Our Eye Specialists

eye doctors

Montreal’s Leading Ophthalmology Speciality Clinics

Eye Health MD was founded with the goal of providing the most advanced treatment available for serious conditions affecting the eye. Our accomplished eye specialists have extensive training and prestigious affiliations with educational institutions, and national and international professional associations.

Eye Health Specialists

Eye Health MD now has several ophthalmologists to serve our patients' needs and provides the highest level of care and expertise in the following areas.

Decarie Clinic
Dr. Darren Albert
Dr. Michael Kapusta
Dr. Shawn Cohen
Dr. Conrad Kavalec
Dr. Johanna Choremis
Dr. Thao Nguyen
Dr. Karin Oliver
Dr. Julius E.S. Gomolin
Dr. David E Lederer
Dr. Hady El-Saheb
Dr. Eleni Papanagnu
Dr. Lisa Heckler
Dr. Jesia Hasan
Dr. Debra Sanft

Downtown Montreal Clinic
Dr. Louis Racine
Dr. Frederic Lord
Dr. Paul Thompson
Dr. Katarzyna Biernacky
Dr. Marie-Eve Poirier
Dr. Louis Corriveau
Dr. Genevieve Mercille
Dr. Samir Jabbour
Dr. Mahshad Darvish
Dr. Aaron Rosen