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Eye Health MD is an advanced care clinic. We are not a clinic for regular eye exams and glasses prescriptions.

Eye Health MD is a team of specialists and subspecialists in the treatment of serious eye conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other conditions that may require surgery or advanced care. For helpful information about eye care and visits to our clinic, please see the following:

Please note: Eye Health MD provides Medicare covered services and only charges for services not covered by the government.

Your Partner in Eye Health and Recovery

As a clinic, our aim is to provide the most modern, personal and individualized eye health and vision care for every patient and to produce the best outcomes, the best success rates, and the most satisfied patients in the region.

Our treatment philosophy is that the best outcomes occur when treatment is meticulously applied - from before, during, and after any medical procedures. This website is part of that belief - our goal is to provide an additional resource for patients to learn about their conditions, make informed choices, and even to help them find other online resources. Access to up-to-date and current knowledge will allow our patients to be partners in achieving the very positive outcomes possible.